Relief Reviews


This stuff is amazing, and it lasts a long time. I put Relief pain cream on every day.I was walking my dog one morning and a neighbor stopped me and hugged me and said, "Ah, what perfume are you wearing."It's very rare a pain cream can smell that good! *

Dominique Sachse
Evening News Anchor (KPRC, Houston)


My wife is LOVING your Relief cream. She broke her arm above the elbow and she has been in lots of pain, but your Relief cream has really helped her cope with the pain. *

-Gary Elkins
Member, Texas House of Representatives

When I first learned about Relief, I was a big skeptic. After trying it, however, I now love it, as do patients and coworkers. Relief is a great solution that does wonders versus systemic medications with harsh side effects. *

Anik C. Gilbert
RPh, Texas Oncology

I have personally used Relief with meaningful positive results regarding my personal pain. Prior to using Relief and discovering its effectiveness and versatility, I always regretted having to see patients with pain management problems because I had no way to help them. Now, however, I am excited about using Relief in my practice for a variety of pain management problems which my patients have. Relief really works well for both me and my patients.

Dr. Lisa Gorn
DOBodyLogicMD of Dallas

Relief works for our patients! *

Svetislava (Sasha) Vukelja, MD 

I began using Relief on my left hand for an ongoing issue and after two weeks it worked wonders. I'm a believer! *

James R. Schwartz
RPhTX Oncology Exec. Dir. Pharmacy Operations

Relief Cream is the real deal! I use it myself, and my patients love it! Keep up the good work! *

Dr. Graham Robson
DCBlackwell Chiropractic

This stuff works, it is amazing. I have arthritis in my knees and ankles. I rub it on and my pain is gone. *

Janis Leffel 

I wish I didn't need pain relief, but I'm so grateful I've found this product. I've been a customer for years and can't recommend Corganics Relief pain cream highly enough. I just ordered a gallon, and I'd order a 55-gallon drum if I thought I could get inside! *

-Marney DeFoore
LCSW-S - San Antonio, TX

The relief this provides is amazing... knees, shoulders, hips, whatever. *

-Toni Dunagan

This is the best pain relieving cream ever. None better. *

Cheryl Oppermann Peacock 

I use Relief Cream with almost every patient. It is fabulous for trigger points and sore muscles. It can be used as a massage lotion as well, which I do daily at our office. My patients love that it is non-sticky and does not stain their clothing. I highly recommend it! *

-Dr. Christie Mahaffey
DCBarefoot Chiropractic & Wellness Center

I am not exaggerating when I say that I, my patients, and everyone on my staff absolutely ADORE Relief pain cream because it is FAR more effective than any other brand. In addition, we love the fact Relief has a pleasant fragrance, doesn't contain questionable ingredients, and won't burn your skin—even after repeated applications. Corganics often says you can generate healthier profits and happier patients with Relief pain cream; my staff and I can confirm that's the truth! *

Dr. Ben Wagley
DCParkwood Family Chiropractic

We LOVE sharing Relief with our patients because it works GREAT, and unlike other products it has a very pleasant fragrance. Our patients rave about it and either "stock up" while here or come back between visits to buy more. We even have people come in who are not our patients asking to buy Relief because they found us on Corganics' Store Locator page.*

-Dr. Steve Jennings
Jennings Chiropractic

I never thought it would be possible to break my love affair with Sombra. However, after 12 years of faithful use, it has happened! I am so pleased with the rapid results I experience when using Corganics' Relief. The deep penetrating effect of this product is incomparable, and the aroma of the essential oils makes Relief an easy sell as well. What a Relief! *

Dr. Helene Valenti
DC, ACPCareMore Chiropractic

Relief Cream has tremendously helped our patients when dealing with pain! It is THE BEST pain-relieving cream on the market! We have been carrying it for a couple of years now in our office, and when we start getting low on supply it's panic. Relief is truly a great product, and Corganics is a great company! Thank you for developing such an amazing product that I personally use and get to share with my patients, family, and friends! *

- Dr. Lauren M. Sword
DCChiropractor at Adjust to Health

As a result of using Corganics' Relief cream for 18 months in our practice at the Foot Clinic of East Texas, we have found it to work very well for painful feet, even when more traditional medication did not help patients at all. After using Relief, patients have been able to greatly reduce or eliminate other medications being taken for foot pain and discomfort. As such, we plan to continue using your product with our patients. *

Dr. Dan Phelps
DPMFoot Clinic of East Texas

The most important thing I can say about Relief cream is that it works well and quickly. Often, Relief takes the place of oral medication. “One less pill to take,” is a common response from grateful patients. Relief cream is so appreciated that my patients are buying it for friends and relatives. Keep up your good work! *

Dr. Fred A. Sternberg. DPM 

I use Relief cream on every client who comes in with any type of pain, and they all say they absolutely love the fragrance (as do I) and how it feels on their skin--in addition to how well it relieves their pain. It is the ONLY topical pain cream I would even think of using (and having on my hands) all day long, and with its non-irritating ingredients I can do so worry free. I have never had anyone I have used it on or sold it to complain of any type of negative skin reaction to the product, which I find amazing since with most ever other product of its kind you run a significant risk of experiencing secondary skin irritation. As you can imagine I couldn't be happier with Relief's amazing formulation and superior results! *

Roberta Stalvey
LMTOwner, Massage TLC

As the therapist for the Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team I wanted to let you know how fantastic your Relief cream worked for me and my athletes this week at the Mountain Bike World Championships. One of my athletes has taken to referring to the Relief cream as "Magic Cream." He crashed in practice in the week before his Down Hill Mountain Bike World Championships race, causing extremely severe bruising. Along with the standard RICE routine of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for injury treatment, I arranged for him to apply the Relief cream frequently to the bruised area, in addition to using it in massage of his legs and body. We both believe that using the Relief cream played an integral role in helping reduce his pain and enabled him to get back on his bike and compete, finishing 29th on the day, his best result in International races all season. Furthermore, I frequently used it in my massage treatments of all team athletes and I believe it helped all of them recover between the World Cup and World Championship races. The best team result was 8th from Danny Hart from Great Britain. A fantastic performance. *

- Felice Beitzel
PhD, LMTUSA Cycling Olympic Staff

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy having the opportunity to use Relief! I have used other products in the past that cannot compare to the results I get with Relief. I have used Relief with a wide variety of patients ranging from professional athletes to the non-athletic population. The feedback that I get has always been positive and I cannot say that for any other product I have ever used. I will definitely continue to use Relief in my clinic as well as sharing this great product with friends and family. Thanks. *

Dr. Cody Johnson
DPTAthletic Advantage Physical Therapy

I have been using the Relief cream in my physical therapy practice for the past six months and I'm very impressed with the product. I've been in practice for 14 years and have used so many different analgesic creams, but nothing has compared to the Relief cream. I like the smell of the product, and also like how it eases the wear and tear on my hands from long hours of manual work on my patients. However, the bottom line is that my patients love it. They request that I use it on them, and I have not seen that with any other analgesic I have used—and that alone makes it a must have. I'm sold on Relief cream, and plan to make it a mainstay in our clinic. Great product! *

- Trent May
PTRockwood Clinic

Relief is an amazing addition to my practice. I have used it on a variety of patients ranging from professional athletes to chronic pain patients with a variety of conditions such as sprains/strains. Every time with every patient they have healed more quickly with less discomfort. My patients love it and most carry it with them everywhere they go.My patients absolutely love Relief. Not only do I hear them say it but the proof is in the inability to keep the product on my shelf. *

Dr. Tina Bennett-Burton
DCPark Central Chiropractic

Our office and our patients love your products! *

- Dr. Aaron G. Wines
DCActive Chiropractic and Wellness

In my 27 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have had the opportunity to endorse dozens of pain relief products. Relief is the only cream that I believe will truly complement Chiropractic care. I utilize Relief as a tool which compliments Chiropractic care by accelerating my patients' journey to better health. As an avid tennis player and Doctor of Chiropractic I recommend Relief to all my patients, athletes, and anyone who has ever experienced soreness or pain of any kind. *

Dr. Mark Hembree
DCHembree Chiropractic

I have to admit I was very skeptical about your product, as was our trainer. I gave a sample packet to one of my coaches who'd had knee surgery and was experiencing aching joints, and a packet to my father who recently had hip replacement surgery. Both were overjoyed by the results. *

- David Ream
Waxahachie High Head Football Coach

Relief pain relieving cream is a great product. I have nothing but praise for Relief, and my patients attest to its effectiveness. *

Dr. Andrea Bologna, DC

Village Centre Chiropractic & Massage

While serving as a Performance Coach at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas, one of our physical therapists recommended the use of Relief on some of the athletes I had been working with. I had tremendous success and compliments on its use to reduce pain during their training. *

- Carl Sheffield, Jr.
Dir. of Track & Field, University of North Texas

I have found that Relief has helped my athletes more than any other analgesic cream. I am sold on this product. *

Donna Jones
MEd, ATC, LATTexas A&M University

In my 30+ years as an Athletic Trainer I have used a great number of topical analgesic creams for the treatment of athletic injuries. Relief is one of the most impressive and effective products that I have found for the treatment of sprains, strains and muscle soreness. Based on my results, Relief now has a spot in my training room and I highly recommend it to all involved in the treatment of the injured athlete. *

- Mark Gilbert
ATCAdjunct Professor, Tarleton State University

I was introduced to Relief therapeutic cream during high school football playoffs, and found it to be very effective for painful and stiff joints and muscles on my athletes. After the first application, many of them asked for it again. We continued using the product throughout the playoffs to the state championship game. I would recommend this product to anyone, especially athletic trainers. *

Doug Gibbins, ATC 

I have been very impressed with the Relief. A little bit goes a long way in helping with sore muscles and joints associated with athletic endeavors. In fact I have a few of my student-athletes that will not go out onto the floor without having it on their legs and arms every day. Furthermore, I also have used it sparingly under some of my ankle tapings to relieve general soreness associated with chronic ankle / foot pain. The results have been very impressive. *

- Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT
Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, TCU Athletics

When I used Relief my legs felt fresher and less sore than any other member of my team after a week of two-a-day practice sessions in the NFL and the Arena Football League. Most everyone else had sore and aching legs, yet I had no soreness or pain thanks to Relief. *

Fred Coleman
Ex-New England Patriots Wide Receiver

The athletic training staff of the Kansas City Chiefs have received highly positive feedback while using the Relief OTC topical analgesic on various players. Relief therapeutically relieved minor aches and pains, sore muscles and joint discomfort. I have found positive results on our players using your product before, during, and after physical training and competition. We incorporate the product with all of our therapeutic massage treatments. It's a valuable additive to our daily athletic training room routines. I look forward to our continued use of Relief OTC topical analgesic with the Kansas City Chiefs. *

- David Price, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Chiefs